Consulting Agency Bauman-Engineering Ltd.


Company’s Mission

Consulting Agency  Bauman-Engineering Ltd.
                                       See the whole, to be competent in the details….

Mission of our consulting agency «Bauman Engineering» is to create a center of compitance, be able to provide appropriate support to customers in the development and implementation of a strategy to the Customer on all key aspects of the mechanical engineering business.

Organization of interaction with the Customer:

«Bauman Engineering ltd.» offers cooperation to develop a rapid, medium and long-term strategy to develop costumers company, to improve business performance in general, through keeping  exact balance of all compayns systems (management, marketing, technology, infrastructure, personnel, logistics).

Our approach is to set up a joint working group with the customer’s company.

We bring our part of the competence, supplying specialists needed by the customer, and customer’s employees help us better understand the specifics of the company and the market in which it operates, most effecively «bind» to this perticular company . In addition, participating in the work of the Joint Working Group, the customer’s employees receive additional skills and are trained to implemented in the project.


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