Consulting Agency Bauman-Engineering Ltd.


List of tasks

- Consulting engineering companies to develop and implement short, medium and long-term strategy aimed at providing our customers with leadership in global competition;

- Development, organization and implementation of complex investment projects in industry. Business plans modernization;

- Feasibility study of investments in the reconstruction (new construction) engineering enterprises;

- Development and implementation of projects of integrated modernization of the enterprises (shops, sections), with responsibility for the achievement of key performance indicators with the Customer Project (EPC / EPCM – contract);

- Marketing research in mechanical engineering;

- The audit;

- A comprehensive audit of all spheres of industrial enterprises;

- Services for selection, supply and maintenance of equipment;

- Organization of tenders for the purchase of equipment;

- Organisation of technological preparation of production;

- Working out. Testing of products for manufacturability;

- Automation and robotization of production;

- Construction of business processes;

- Development and implementation of projects of warehousing, and interdepartmental intrashop logistics;

- Development and implementation of integrated cost accounting. construction and development of enterprise information systems (EIS);

- Building Control Systems Information (CSI);

- Personnel work for industrial plants: selection, training, re-training.

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