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Completed project of thermal production for “Progress N. I. Sazikina” PLC

On December 30 2011 “Bauman Engineering” LTD and CJSC “New Lease” completed development project,  the main technological solutions for the thermal production for “Arsenyev Aviation Company” PLC

During the first part of the project (audit existing thermal production) has identified the following factors that reduce the effectiveness of the company as a whole:

    • high proportion of manual labor;
    • high degree of dependence on the technical processes of the human factor;
    • low density storage of parts and tools;
    • high degree of deterioration of the equipment;
    • undue dispersal of thermal output of the plant for several shops.

Thus, the purpose of design, which was proposed by the Contractor and approved by the customer, served not drafting proposals for the supply of several units of thermal equipment, and integrated design technology of thermal production, aimed at eliminating or substantially reducing the influence of the above factors.

The results of the design were:

  • Conceptual proposals to reorganize the production of thermal networks, support the implementation of advanced program production.
  • Technological routes of new production, based on advanced technologies of thermal production, ensuring that:
    • stability properties of the resulting products (vacuum technology, processing gas-shielded, integrated oven);
    • reduction in manual labor (automated loading and unloading of equipment);
    • reducing the influence of the human factor (the automation process control, monitoring and data archiving process technology).
  • The composition and the estimated number of main and auxiliary equipment for the whole product range of the Customer.
  • Creating a new production planning decisions, “tied” to the layout of the existing production.
  • Recommendations for the development of new staffing thermal production and determine the required number of qualified employees.

The new organization of production of thermal changes and staffing structure. The qualification requirements of employers, directly related to the heat treatment on the new equipment, less stringent in terms of the availability of workers with technological expertise. Simultaneously, increased requirements for competence of engineering personnel (engineers, technicians and service engineers).

The design work carried out in close cooperation with the technical experts of the enterprise, which in a continuous dialogue agreed upon and specified as an input design (production program, features of existing technology and equipment), and discussed in detail all technological and organizational proposals for the new project.

The results of the work accepted by the Customer and signed certificate of acceptance-delivery operations.

In the near future, based on the project of “Progress Sazykina” PLC plans to conduct a comprehensive retooling its heat production.



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